Gravity’s Pull brings together the work of eleven artists spanning over 100 years, with works created during the late 20th century through the present day. When viewing their collective output, parallels reveal themselves in works born out of a common historic origin. Yet, these eleven artists not only represent their own unique perspectives, but are also intrinsically linked through their proximity to each other’s narratives or specific genres. Like stars pushing and pulling against one another, these artists both draw upon their shared visions or reject them to shine a light in new directions. Their paths reveal what astronomers have long held to be true: multiple stars in relatively close orbit can have a significant impact on each other’s gravitational pull and evolution, while others choose to shine alone.
Several artists in the exhibition formed or joined historic movements orbiting around a central idea, while others have chosen to occupy a less crowded, more singular space. In either case, their response to other artists occupying historic or physical proximity has been a catalyst for an ever-expanding universe of artistic expression. One of South America’s most notable realist painters, Acosta’s unique perspective intersects detailed painting with abstractions reminiscent of Kelly’s monochromatic shaped paintings. In Race 2021, his bold shapes intersect a rocky landscape seemingly as an indication of our arrival in this space, or as a fleeting memory of our time spent immersed in the outdoors.

Hexton Gallery
Aspen – Colorado – USA