It is through my work that I try to unveil the mysterious reasons for our being alive. I understand art as a means to unveil those reasons, which I feel are in general concealed from our ordinary perception. For me, then, painting becomes something akin to meditation. When I am painting, I can perceive glimpses of this other subtler plane which defy understanding, but, which to me, are clear signs that this other unfathomable reality exists. 

The landscape and its vastness stretch before my eyes and being part of it becomes the most real human experience of all. What my whole being experiences while in such communion is then transmuted onto the canvas together with the memories of past experiences and therefore of time itself as an illusion. Contemplating nature then becomes an inner journey towards the depths of my being where all the questions and answers lie in store to be discovered in the vast expanse of my heart. I find in art and in painting in particular an incredible opportunity to embark in such a journey and that is what all of this is about.